Im a student living in America. Why do I care about the Farmer’s Protests in India? Why should you?

  • Since 26 November, farmers from Punjab and Haryana have laid siege to the national capital. They are protesting against recently passed Farm Bills
  • These bills lay the framework for allowing farmers to sell produce directly to corporates, argues the Centre

There is nothing more appealing to me than a big bowl of chicken biryani. Im sure all of you love golden lattes (or trendy golden milk in general) made with turmeric. The national dish of England is chicken tikka masala. Do…

“Get out of my country.”

A 50 year old Sikh man Surjit Malhi, was ambushed in Turlock. Two men beat him and sprayed a neo-Nazi symbol on his car. No arrests were made. His turban saved his life.

A 71 year old man Sahib Singh Natt’s turban got knocked off and he was spit on by two teenagers.

In July of 2020, Lakhwant Singh was run over by a car while the man driving told him and his wife to go back to his country.

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SALDEF and Sikh Coalition have been doing amazing work to actually…

A particularly vile attention seeking Misogynist failed to make headlines as he attempted to critique an amazing mentor for the South Asian community.

Ghandi has a powerful message that brings up some important issues for woman in developing nations. Theodore Gumbril had a lot of issues with what she was saying and I split them up into three main categories.

Problem 1- Our culture

Ghandi- Consider how women in developing nations are affected by period secrecy and taboo. Our culture tells them to hide their monthly flow, despite the fact that the ways to clean it up are either unsustainable…

Not mine credits goes to the original artist


On September 14, 19 year old Manisha was cutting grass with her mother and brothers.

“Four-five people came from behind, threw my sister’s dupatta around her neck, and dragged her inside the bajra field,” the lady’s sibling said to Reader’s Cook.

There the men gang raped her and she sustained horrific injuries. Her spinal cord was broken. Her tongue was cut out. Bones in her neck were broken.

When her mother found her, it was too late. Manisha was naked and unconscious and needed oxygen immediately. The family asked the police for help right away but they would not…

This isn’t my artwork but I love the message.

“Why do you let your daughter stay out in the sun for too long, don’t you see she will get dark?” The woman pointed at me while rolling her eyes at my mom. Seven year old me, was wrapped up in a pool towel holding an ice cream cone that was melting down half my arm. The woman proceeded to show my mom the tan lines from my bathing suit. My mom quickly took me away clearly unbothered. I remember looking at all of the other kids splashing in the water and sitting underneath my sun umbrella when eating lunch…

It has been a year since my ex- boyfriend ended our year and a half relationship with a break up text. He has been in a relationship for most of those twelve months… and guess what? I have been single for the whole. damn. year.

I have been avoiding this article for a while. Writing about breakups is one of the hardest things a person can do. I’m going to be honest. I have six or seven drafts saved on my laptop, because I didn’t know how to do this in the best way, a way that respects my ex-boyfriend…

They tell us that the most important thing in our lives should be marriage.

I was really excited to go to my friend’s wedding, good food, dancing, getting reunited with some old friends. Besides trying to look for a million different outfits to wear for each of the functions, I was pretty thrilled. You see, Indian weddings are a big deal. If you get invited to one, plan to take AT LEAST a week off and bring comfortable pants (you won’t be able to button them after the second day trust me). I settled on going to three events (because…

There is a saying, stand tall. Luckily, we were born already standing tall ;)

As a woman, I was always told to be smaller and take up less space. But here I was taller than all of the boys up until halfway through high school. I out grew clothes too fast. No jeans could fit right. And the cute dresses all the girls got to wear at school looked like t-shirts on me. I had to stand in the back with the boys for pictures. My PE teacher wouldn’t let me play basketball with the girl’s team during class. I…

My grandma taught me everything, except how to live without her.

Appreciate your grandparents when they ask to speak about your day. Appreciate the amount of love they invest in you.
Appreciate the way they fight for you.

Whenever I have to write anything, especially something creative, I always am brought back to my Naniji. I love remembering the good times, but then I can’t hold off the undeniable wave that comes after. I wish she was still here…

And that is exactly what happened while I was writing my thesis. It was all good for a couple days, then…

I wrote an article responding to Matt Forney’s a couple years back and I’m here to shed a new perspective. My article on Odessey has 1.7K views and I could not be more thankful.

Someone asked me why I got so angry over his article when clearly it was JUST ONE PERSON.

But my anger towards Matt Forney is not due to the fact that he has a platform to express his concerns with females. I’m disappointed in the fact that people, especially Indian Men are encouraging his words:

“Vomit inducing Indian movies never miss a chance to lavish…

Natasha Arora Jain

CEO of Muskaan, world traveler, fiction writer, American born Punjabi. Insta- tasha_2398

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