“WOW you are TALL!”

There is a saying, stand tall. Luckily, we were born already standing tall ;)

As a woman, I was always told to be smaller and take up less space. But here I was taller than all of the boys up until halfway through high school. I out grew clothes too fast. No jeans could fit right. And the cute dresses all the girls got to wear at school looked like t-shirts on me. I had to stand in the back with the boys for pictures. My PE teacher wouldn’t let me play basketball with the girl’s team during class. I always had to play with the boys and they got mad because I was “not tough enough”. I stopped…




@tashi_2398 and @its2sketchy

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Natasha Jain

Natasha Jain

@tashi_2398 and @its2sketchy

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